Story in Tho Ha ancient village

Since the “bamboo gate” in Tho Ha ancient village was cut to make a road, the road is wide open, the concrete road is running smoothly, visitors from afar come back admiring the village’s beautiful road. Many people say that in order to have a beautiful road, it is necessary to cut it down, many people regret that from now on, there is no longer a familiar image, close to many generations of the village’s descendants. But regret it or not, the thick bamboo fences on both sides of the road are no longer there. Then people in Tho Ha ancient village will forget. Only those who know it will surely be empty when passing, those who stay away for a long time to return in the dark will have to struggle to find a way to turn when returning to the village

Then it was true, the story of the bamboo ramparts in the village gradually no one mentioned anymore. Two years of the COVID-19 epidemic have passed, during that time, due to many reasons, including social distancing, complicated epidemic situation, many people went to work far away and did not return to the village. Then when the epidemic was under control, everything returned to normal, many people returned to the Tho Ha ancient village

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