Stingy grandma

Since New Year’s day, my grandmother has been living with me until now in Tho Ha ancient village, her grandson – my 8th grade son, has lost interest in himself under the warm jets of water from the shower every morning, because he has to bathe with water in the bathroom. The basin that she just soaked in hot water to cool quickly before filling the filter. On the first day, I heard him exclaim: “My house has a water heater, doesn’t it, Grandpa”? His grandmother bluntly replied: “Take a bath to save electricity”! So he didn’t say anything today, just irritably splashed water on him.

During the Covid-19 season in Tho Ha ancient village, students are temporarily absent from school to prevent the epidemic. At noon, my son’s best friend, who is in the same class as my son, asked to have lunch with my family, because his parents had to work all day today. Grandma finished digging up rice for the two boys, there was still some rice left in the pot, she poured some water in to let the rice come out and drained it all. Grandson grimaced: “There’s a little bit that Grandma has spent, we won’t eat anymore”! But she said: “Let her eat in the afternoon, but how can a bowl of rice like this be washed away”! I glanced at the boy’s face, and I guessed that he must be thinking in his stomach “why are you so stingy” like the previous times when he grumbled at me. In the evening, the grumpy son hugged his books with his sister Hai through the living room to study. It’s not that he just likes to study in his own room to turn on the air conditioner to cool, but these days, she told the two sisters to go to the living room to study, with a window overlooking the open garden, not having to turn on the air conditioner and easily get sick. The “corona virus” has just consumed electricity. It whispered to Hai: “Noi is really glued, opening the air conditioner is a little bit but I’m afraid of wasting electricity”!

Sitting on the wooden father’s chair next to her in Tho Ha ancient village, Grandma sometimes waved a paper fan as if adding a little wind for the two grandchildren to study. She asked her granddaughter what she wanted to go to university, she said she wanted to go to architecture school, but she was afraid that her parents would spend a lot of money, because she heard that the tuition fees at this school were high, but she also had to buy a lot of school supplies! She said: “I see you have a talent for drawing, go ahead and take the exam, don’t be afraid to spend money! She still has money to save, if you pass the exam, I will give you money to study!” Hearing her say that, my son raised his eyes to secretly look at her, then turned to whisper in my ear: “Grandma is not afraid of spending money, parents. So where is Noi… very stingy”! The last times my son grumbled, I used to laugh and tell him not to talk to her like that. This time, I just raised my eyes at it, implying like “now you know”? The son must also understand what his mother means, so he quietly returned to the desk to study, his face was very funny…

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