Spring rolls: Immense Vietnamese culinary identity

All over the country, there are spring rolls everywhere. Southerners call spring rolls “goi cuon”. It is said that spring rolls are traditional delicacies of VietNamese cuisine, first of all because all the ingredients that make up the dish are familiar products of agricultural civilization. It is rice “hidden” in vermicelli, in rice paper rolls, eggs, pork, spring rolls, branches of dark green herbs or a bowl of golden brown wave dipping sauce.

Calling spring rolls is also a dish, but calling it a tray is probably not wrong. Because no matter how many dishes are presented in VietNamese cuisine, they will all become neat in the thin layer of opaque white rice paper. Lazy people say that just putting it in a bowl will make it a roll and a mix. But just wrapping, eating, and having fun with the story is the real pleasure of yeast rolls in every meeting.

Especially when greasy dishes have made the stomach bored, or when the hot summer weather just wants something cool, spring rolls will become an ideal satiety. Most spring rolls in VietNamese cuisine are eaten raw, or just go through a simple boiling process. The cooking oil is just enough to evenly coat a layer on the pan to get a thin, golden omelette, confidently lined up next to all sorts of other ingredients.

Spring rolls in VietNamese cuisine without dipping sauce are considered to have lost half of the taste. The sweet and sour fish sauce evokes the coolness of vermicelli, herbs and the rich taste of the fillings inside. In spring rolls, one can see that the philosophy of harmony of yin and yang of the five elements has existed for many generations in the minds of Vietnamese residents.

It is the convergence of five flavors in VietNamese cuisine: the sweet taste of vermicelli, the saltiness of eggs, meat, the pungent taste of garlic and chili, the bitterness of green bananas, the sourness of star fruit, and pineapple… all flavors are just right, properly, dominating any taste will cause unpleasant feelings, but lacking even one makes people’s hearts tormented, warm and unpalatable

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