Spring in Suoi Giang near Sapa Vietnam

Suoi Giang near Sapa Vietnam is beautiful in every season, but the most impressive is probably still the early spring, when a bit of cold still lingers on the hillsides, blending in with the tea fields, and it’s also the time when people here hold worshiping ceremonies to honor the people. honoring Suoi Giang’s ancestral tea tree, associated with cultural, artistic, and culinary activities to honor the unique culture of the Mong ethnic people with their tradition of loving productive labor. When the weather is cold, visitors will enjoy cups of Shan Tuyet tea at any time. In the thin smoke from cups of hot tea, sip by sip, the elegant sweetness of Shan Tuyet tea that no other drink can have will make visitors remember forever.

Coming to this mountainous region near Sapa Vietnam, visitors can also enjoy fresh air in a peaceful space, somewhat dispelling the worries and worries of daily life in noisy, busy cities. This place also helps visitors enjoy their own moments. In addition to its historical and cultural values, for decades, Suoi Giang tea trees have also been exploited by people here to bring high economic efficiency, contributing to hunger eradication and poverty reduction for highland people. Currently, Suoi Giang has up to 98% of the population being Mong people. Every yard has a few tea trees, and every family has someone who works in the tea industry. Therefore, tea is not only a pride but also the main source of income for the people here.

To preserve and develop Suoi Giang tea varieties while creating conditions to promote tourism development and build the Suoi Giang tea brand. Along with that, the population of 400 ancient tea trees over 100 years old in Suoi Giang commune has been recognized by the Vietnam Association for Nature and Environment Protection as a Vietnamese Heritage tree. This event once again honors and affirms the value and position of the ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree in Suoi Giang with friends at home and abroad, and is a premise and motivation for Van Chan district near Sapa Vietnam and the people of Suoi Giang commune to develop further develop and enhance the value of the Shan Tuyet tea area in the lives of the Mong people as well as promote local tourism development.

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