Spring in Bac Ha

If you have never been to Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, you will wonder when to come to this “White Plateau”, but in fact, every season Bac Ha is beautiful.

Traveling to Bac Ha in the spring before and after the Lunar New Year, visitors will admire the scenery here filled with the colors of plum flowers blooming all over the hillside. If you want to participate in the horse racing festival in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, you can come here at the beginning of June, which is also the time when the plums are ripe and red. On January 15 every year is the time to organize the traditional Land procession festival of Bac Ha people. In addition, every Sunday, Bac Ha market is held with crowded and bustling activities that will help visitors get a lot of experiences when coming here.

Spring is the season of festivals, colorful and imbued with national identity living in Bac Ha. It is the drunken festival of the H’Mong, the fire dance festival of the Dao people, the Xoe dance of the Tay people… Spring is also the season of flowers in succession. Rarely anywhere in the Northwest mountains has two seasons of plum blossom like in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam. That is why this place is called the White Plateau. January: cherry blossom season, concentrated in Na Co lake area and around Bac Ha town. Forest peach blossoms bloom most brilliantly at the end of January in Na Hoi – Ban Pho – Thai Giang Pho. This is also a favorite photo spot for many tourists. February, March: Tam plum blossoms are in full bloom spreading throughout Ta Chai, Na Hoi and Ban Pho areas. After plum blossom, pear blossom blooms white all over Lung Phin – Ta Van Chu – Lung Cai – Simacai.

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