Spring colors creep along every street in the small village in Sapa Vietnam

When the winter god runs out of time, making room for the spring god to visit, when the sunlight peeks through the foliage, dispelling the cold frost, then spring gently glides across the mountains and hills in Sapa Vietnam. beckoning young buds to sprout and hundreds of flowers to bloom to prepare for a prosperous new year. Spring weaves through the leaves, rises to the top of windy hills, runs along the hillsides, follows trails into villages, dances on terraced fields, creating a colorful picture. beautiful, promising beautiful dreams after a long night of winter break.

After just one night, what happened to confuse anyone? The traveler was still wandering before the east winds, clouds covered the path halfway across the mountain, in the distance the smoke spread between the endless forests and mountains, between the small passes winding around the mountain body, Still haven’t had time to escape the cold air of winter. During the days of being close together around the charcoal stove on the small village in Sapa Vietnam, I suddenly saw the red and yellow dots of wild sunflowers and poinsettias blooming shyly in the middle. valleys.

If in Japan, people are immersed in cherry blossoms, then when they come to Sapa, they return to a paradise of plum and peach blossoms with strange, rare, and rustic beauty that can only be found in the highlands of Vietnam. Only the South can have it. The beauty of Sapa in Spring is shy, as red as the cheeks of mountain girls, gently showing off their beauty with a bright smile, peacefully portraying the simple life of the people here. Coming to Sapa Vietnam, people will see plum and peach blossoms present everywhere, their vitality rising in every corner of the hillsides and valleys, blooming in a large space, peach blossoms glowing with pink color. The green natural picture of young shoots, trees and plants stands out against the pure white background of wild plum blossoms.

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