Spectacular unspoiled nature on treacherous roads

Before the changes, Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam also has appropriate changes but still retains the beauty, there is still something unchanged, there is still a pure wildness. The road to Si Ma Cai is steep bends and slopes, winding roads winding on the hillside. Along with that, there are also wild mountains and forests, an eye-catching landscape with mountains and hills, with straight forests that stimulate people, especially young people who love backpacking.

Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam is not hot, not too famous, but still attracts visitors and keeps people going. The people here are also rustic, very simple, do not cut, do not cling to tourists, all are sincere, kind, smiling, do not consider you a stranger, treat you like family members. . Returning to Simacai is like going back to family, with so much love.

It is not natural that people want to go to Simacai near Sapa Vietnam, but then they have to be attached to it. But people, nature, … all bring something special, so different that people who come here always remember.

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