Snow has fallen in Tram Ton – Sapa

On the evening of 9.1, the temperature in the North dropped sharply with heavy rain. At Tram Ton, about 13km from Sapa Vietnam it snowed. Present at Tram Ton, Sapa on the evening of January 9, Mr. Dang Minh Duc (an employee of a travel company), said that, according to information from a few friends, around 5:30 pm on January 9, the snow began to fall. on top of Fansipan. At 20:30, snow began to fall at O Quy Ho pass and gradually spread to Sapa town. At 23:30 at night, Sapa Vietnam is still showering. Snow has fallen very close, only about 5-6km from Sapa.

“The pure white snowflakes are gradually covering the mountains near Sapa Vietnam, the scene is amazing. Friends and relatives constantly call me to book a room,” Duc said excitedly. According to the forecast of the Central Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Center, due to the influence of cold air intensification combined with the upper westerly wind, starting from the night of 8.1 and 9.1, Lao Cai province and the mountainous provinces in the north In the North, the temperature drops to very low, heavy rain and cold, damaging cold appear.

It is forecasted that in the early morning of January 10, on mountain ranges from 2,000m high such as O Quy Ho pass (Sapa) and on Y Ty old forest (Bat Xat, Lao Cai), the temperature will drop to only 1-2 degrees. C, there is ice and snow. Hearing the news that it was snowing very close to Sapa Vietnam, many tourists prepared to book a place to see this amazing natural phenomenon.

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