Snow falls in Sapa Vietnam

Who says Vietnam doesn’t have snow? Who says a tropical country will never have snow? So we see that nature is extremely favorable when it snows here in winter. In recent years, the weather has been so harsh that Sapa Vietnam almost always has snow. In winter, the whole town seems to float in clouds, fog and falling snow. White snow falls, covering all creatures and houses, it can even be up to half a meter thick, covering the landscape with a white space, making the scene both desolate and surprisingly beautiful. It is impossible to determine the exact day it will snow, so if you want to go see the snow, you must constantly watch on TV, the radio or contact local people (where the hotel you plan to stay is). )…

From December to February, Sapa Vietnam is very cold, especially at night, there can be ice and sometimes snow. This is also the season of peach blossoms. At this time, many young couples want to witness the romance of the snowy landscape, watch the wild peach blossoms fluttering in the wind and mist as well as the sunrise over the high valley in the early morning, so come at this time. That will be an experience that is hard to find anywhere else in Vietnam. However, this time is very crowded with tourists, so it is often very crowded and the prices of services are very expensive. Surely through the above article you have the answer to the question “Which season is the best to travel to Sapa?” “. You can come at any time of the year, but the most suitable time when there are many beautiful sights and convenient for traveling is from March to May or from September to November. .

During this time, the weather in Sapa Vietnam is relatively mild, warm during the day and cold at night. In particular, if you come from March to May, you will admire the beautiful flower valleys and green vegetable fields. The scenery at this time is so beautiful that you won’t be able to leave this beautiful small town. In general, the climate is subtropical and temperate, with cool air all year round. The weather in the town in one day has all four seasons: spring in the morning, summer weather at noon, usually mild sunshine, cool climate, cloudy and foggy afternoons, creating a feeling of coolness like the sky. Autumn and night are the cold of winter.

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