Small corner of Sapa – Peaceful and poetic

Sapa Vietnam has long been famous for its charming, peaceful and poetic natural scenery. But Sapa tourism also attracts tourists by the purity and simplicity of the people here. With the model of community tourism, local ethnic people are creating quiet small corners of Sapa, helping tourists who do not like the noise and bustle to have a warm and relaxing experience space. most polite. Not choosing motels, bustling hotels in the center of Sa Pa town, Nong Thuy Huyen, a tourist from Lang Son, chose Saigonese Homestay to stay during the past holidays. With many green trees, small beautiful landscapes, simple but close decoration corners in this place have brought Huyen a comfortable and friendly experience. Huyen shared: “The natural land of Sapa is very beautiful. I want to find places that bring peace. In the summer, I will come here to play again.”

Relax and discover the peaceful beauty of Sapa. “Besides the space and landscape designed to be close to nature, our homestay with the slogan is “your home in Sa Pa”, that is, when guests come here to stay and experience, they will have a feeling of a home. peaceful space. We serve our guests like our own family,” shared Nguyen Hoang Thanh Duyen, owner of Saigonese Homestay. Homestays are like miniature corners of old Sapa Vietnam. Enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, chat with the host about highland life…. That’s where any guest wants to stop, spend a full day relaxing and drifting. feeling. And this is also the goal that community-based tourism models bring to visitors.

Quach Hoang Uyen, from Ho Chi Minh City, said: “I came here from Saigon. I want to choose close homestays to learn about the culture here. I don’t have much access to nature in the city every day, so I choose to come here to rest and relax.” Although the process of urbanization is making Sa Pa’s silence in the old writings of writer Nguyen Thanh Long no longer complete, there are still peaceful and poetic corners. It could be the road of love filled with climbing roses, the clear blue lake in the mountains, the rustic and peaceful villages. Just that much is enough to bring passion to those who love and look for a quiet, haughty Sapa Vietnam that has become nostalgic.

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