Silver Waterfall – The Ideal Summer Stop In Sapa

Sapa Vietnam is a resort paradise with a fresh and cool climate, especially in the summer, which attracts a lot of tourists to avoid the heat. Traveling to Sapa Vietnam in the summer, you should not miss the opportunity to explore Silver Waterfall – an attractive destination and an ideal place to stop in Sapa for the hot summer.

Thac Bac tourist area is located at the foot of O Quy Ho pass, about 12km from the center of Sapa Vietnam – right on Highway 4D towards Lai Chau – Dien Bien. This is also the main route, so the way to visit is quite convenient, very close to the places of Love waterfall, Sapa heaven gate and Rong May Glass Bridge. With an altitude of about 200 m, Silver Waterfall looks like a soft white silk from afar. Standing next to the waterfall, we will feel the cool steam. Along with the fresh and cool climate, this will surely be an attractive destination, satisfying any visitor.

You will have to spend about 1 hour to fully explore this attractive destination. After climbing up the stone steps to stand on top of the waterfall, there is nothing better than watching the water flowing with white foam, the majestic scenery of nature, breathing in the cool air.

After exploring Silver Waterfall, go down to the foot of the waterfall if you feel hungry, you can enjoy the delicious dishes of Sapa Vietnam at the shops nearby, with Sa Pa specialties such as grilled eggs, grilled meat, pork. … Especially here, there is a specialty of Sa Pa salmon. You can enjoy delicious dishes made from fresh salmon here. Rest and recharge with enough energy, you can continue your journey to explore and experience other attractive destinations.

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