Silver Waterfall – Sapa’s endless water source

Silver Waterfall is located about 12 km from Sapa Vietnam to the west, so it is quite convenient and attracts tourists to visit. The waterfall has a height of up to 200m, originating from Muong Hoa stream, at the foot of O Quy Ho pass with an altitude of 1,800 m. With a strong stream of water flowing from the ravines, rushing down to create white bubbles like flowers, that’s why this waterfall is called Silver Waterfall.

Standing from afar, visitors can hear the sound mixed with the sound of the waterfall rushing down echoing the whole area. As soon as you reach the foot of the waterfall, visitors will feel small when standing watching the wild and magnificent scenery of the vast sky and the majestic Northwest mountains. It is because of this beautiful natural setting that urges visitors to conquer this waterfall.

Silver Waterfall in Sapa Vietnam has a separate way up and down, the way up is on the right side of the waterfall. Going up halfway, visitors will have to go through the bridge over the waterfall to get to the entrance on the left. Visitors will find the road shortened and less tired with the surrounding scenery such as: vast pine forests, flower fields below the road blooming all year round. Visitors here, regardless of whether they are Vietnamese or foreigners, old or young, male or female, are welcomed by the people here with warm affection, because the natives are gentle and hospitable.

Passing the winding small roads on the mountainside, breathing in the fresh air, quietly watching the scenery and listening to the chirping birds call the flock, visitors will feel like they are lost in a fairyland. This place has a pleasant cold weather all year round, even in summer, with fog covering the falls every early morning.

In addition, at the foot of Silver Waterfall in Sapa Vietnam, there is a center for salmon breeding, which is expected to become the largest cold-water fishery research station in Vietnam. With a pipeline that carries water from the waterfall about 1,000 m long, the center has been conducting research, development and breeding cold-water salmon.

After going a long way with stone steps, visitors will be able to see the majestic natural scenery when reaching the top of Silver waterfall in Sapa Vietnam. Along with that, visitors are also immersed in the fresh stream, helping to get rid of all worries, worries, and comfortably chat under the cool green trees.

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