Si Ma Cai market

Sapa Vietnam – a place that no one seems to be unaware of, because of its idyllic and rustic beauty, the place with the roof of Indochina that many people want to conquer. So where is Si Ma Cai? And what is here for us to discover? The bus that night took us, the people, to find our longing to come to this land. The car started from Hanoi to Bac Ha, then our group rented a motorbike to go to Simacai district.

The features of the daily life of the people in Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam, the cultural features that are still preserved, have to wait until the market day before people can meet to exchange, buy and sell unlike the city. market, anywhere, every day can have a market. Perhaps that is why, the love and meaning of the people of the Northwest is richer and more precious than ever.

People buying horses, people pulling buffaloes, hugging dogs, catching chickens, etc. The roads are gradually getting more crowded in the morning sun of a new day, somewhere the morning dew is still lingering on the leaves of the trees on the hill in Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam. The market sells many brocade products, jewelry, fabrics, … from the skillful and meticulous hands of Hmong girls to weave. Seeing the images of girls and boys laughing happily in traditional dresses, dyeing the whole market in colorful patterns. Traders and sellers just like that, but the morning passed without warning, wandering around the stalls, we bought a few specialties of the region, buffalo meat here is really great.

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