Si Ma Cai Donuts

Si Ma Cai district near Sapa Vietnam is a border district of Lao Cai province, this is the residence of ethnic minorities, in which the Mong ethnic group makes up the majority (more than 80%). Si Ma Cai upland markets are always attractive to both local people and domestic and foreign tourists. In those markets, donuts are a snack loved by the people of Si Ma Cai. There is a market every week, people here love to go to the market. From old to young, they look forward to every Sunday to go to the market, to enjoy popular snacks, including cheap and delicious donuts.

Donuts made from upland glutinous rice flour. The more flexible the rice, the more delicious the cake. People of Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam bring upland glutinous rice milled into water powder, leave overnight for the water to drain away, leaving only the dough just wet enough to mold the cake. Knead the dough with glutinous rice so that when fried, the golden donuts look very eye-catching, and taste delicious with the smell of rice and gac.

The baker also only needs a few sticks, a pan, and three bricks as a base to have enough goods to make goods anywhere. Si Ma Cai donuts do not make meat but mainly make sugar bean paste. or cake without filling when eating, then dip yourself with sugar to your liking. With just one to two thousand change, people can reward themselves with a delicious golden donut. Try this popular cake to understand more about a highland market on the border of the country near Sapa Vietnam.

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