Separation is temporary

This afternoon, Long sent a message of encouragement to stay calm, human willpower will definitely defeat the evil COVID.

After taking a nap at noon, Ms. Luong called:

– My aunt told Long that my mother was not coming this afternoon. Tho Ha ancient village has 83 cases, do you know?

– Yes, I know, fast.

– Yeah, so fast, if I don’t protect myself, it’s possible that case 84 will be me.

– There’s no need to be so scared, my area is temporarily safe, you come over to my house, talk to your children and then come back, a mask, proper disinfection is fine.

– Not good, like this, I don’t know where I will meet COVID when I go out. In short, it’s okay if we don’t see each other for a few months, but if the germ is incubating, going to other people will harm the whole Tho Ha ancient village.

As soon as the conversation ended, a Messenger message appeared on the screen “Is my mother back yet?”. “No, I asked my aunt to message me, the epidemic is complicated, when the epidemic is under control, I will come back.” I texted him but his eyes were stinging. That’s me, crying so easily that I can’t understand, just a little bit of human love is ready to cry.

Like yesterday afternoon, when I saw the photo of the doctors and nurses in city coming to support Tho Ha ancient village, I cried immediately. And now, mother and daughter are far away, the single joy of old age is being able to chat online with you at the weekend. But she refused, she was afraid of bringing implication to my family. Thinking of others is an act that easily makes people resentful. This is not an easy detail to ignore in the midst of a complicated epidemic. In this situation, it would be great if everyone could think like her.

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