Say goodbye to your grandparents in heaven

Every year, when Tet is coming, Giay people make traditional cakes such as banh trang, banh kha to worship their ancestors and to eat in the first days of the new year. From the afternoon of the 30th of Tet, everyone takes a bath and changes into new clothes to prepare for Tet. The Giay people in Ta Van village Sapa Vietnam have the custom of staying up all night on the 30th to welcome grandparents and ancestors. From the evening of the 30th, incense and candles are lit and kept continuously without being turned off until the golden ceremony is completed.

Like many other ethnic groups, the Giay in Sapa Vietnam also have the custom of welcoming their ancestors’ souls back before New Year’s Eve and offering gold offerings (paper offerings such as clothes, money, and votive paper are burned) to see them off. God. However, the Giay people have many different clans, and the golden ceremony of each clan is also different. For example, the Vuong (Golden) and some other surnames do the golden ceremony on the afternoon of the 1st of January, the Sam (San) family will have to wait until the 3rd.

Explaining this difference, Mr. San Chang said. was told by grandparents that because in the past, each family had to send people to take turns to guard the border region, so the people who came up first could go home to celebrate Tet, the later people came back to celebrate Tet later. After the 30th dinner, after 12 noon on the New Year’s Day, many new families cook rice to worship their ancestors and eat the first meal of the year. There are families in Sapa Vietnam who don’t cook all day on the 1st and don’t cook until the morning of the 2nd and eat their first meal.

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