Satisfied with Tuong Vi flower garden at Lam Vien Thuy Hoa

If you visit Lam Vien Thuy Hoa amusement and entertainment area near Sapa Vietnam in the summer, you will have the opportunity to admire the enchanting beauty of rare ancient Tuong Vi species, especially Tuong Vi species with pink and red colors. at the amusement park for children, the shopping area, the location around the fishing lake… the excitement of Tuong Vi flowers is so beautiful.

Due to being grown in an area with a subtropical monsoon climate and at a height of nearly 1,000 meters with sea level at Lam Vien Thuy Hoa near Sapa Vietnam, the Tuong Vi species here bloom in the summer with beautiful flowers and a soft and silky scent. but.

At Lam Vien Thuy Hoa near Sapa Vietnam, Tuong Vi body is quite high from 2m -5m. Flowers bloom in clusters at the top, each cluster is about five to seven flowers, the color of the flowers burns brightly from pale to dark pink. Tuong Vi flowers have all colors. The beauty of the flower quietly nestled beside the fence, burning brightly in the sun, has made many poets fall in love. Tuong Vi turned into the flower of many love affairs.

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