Sapa – What to buy at Sapa market?

Going to the market in Sapa Vietnam is also for sightseeing, lounging, chatting and taking pictures and filming. Chen liked the wings, looked around and wove between the lines of people in the market, he also liked to swam across the street while walking, just looking at them. Liked to meet a group of people inside and outside right in the middle of the road. In the middle were a few blonde-haired white-skinned girls whose faces were as fresh as flowers, smiling with delight while wearing colorful indigo dresses. The others were tall men who hadn’t bought yet who had asked to try them on, with their top hats bigger than pumpkins, joyfully stroking the hem of their brocade waistcoats. Crowded around are dozens of minority women, both old women and girls in shabby clothes, children big and small, looking at them with their necks up and laughing.

All over this pretty town is a market. People gathered on the steps of the church in Sapa Vietnam, at the edge of the flower garden, along the sidewalk, on the terraces paved with green stone, under the shadow of the old pine tree beside the football field, they stood wherever there was can stand. The old women are always busy working with both hands, twirling linen into yarn, sewing and embroidering, arranging goods. The girls huddled together, huddled together, eyes still looking out, waiting for customers to buy. Children sit in a corner or wander around, each holding a handful of silver rings and bamboo flutes. Each of them looked both bold and innocent. Even when visiting the village to visit people’s houses, it is the same. The people of the village are honest and kind and always open the door to welcome strangers. Tourists come from everywhere to look around the house and then go.

The most popular and most typical goods in Sapa are brocade products. In the traditional way of life of the two majority ethnic groups in Sapa, the H’Mong and the Dao, their houses may be simple, the money for rice may be short, but the clothes are always women’s clothes. must be beautiful and decent. Along with the brocade shirt, there are many other types such as hats, scarves, shoulder bags, wallets, bracelets also made of indigo fabric with colorful motifs. These, too, are all made from the hands of the ethnic people themselves, the prices are high, and the ready-made items brought up from Hanoi stores are much cheaper. A brocade bag, if embroidered, is machine-woven at half the price of identical bags. The melon hat is also a unique gift, it is a unique costume that only H’Mong men in Sapa Vietnam have. Buying a shirt right in Sap also liked it and brought it home when it was cold to keep the head warm. It was more interesting than a beanie but very unique.

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