Sapa Vietnam is simple and gentle

Plum and peach blossoms cover the roads, running along the footsteps of the traveler. It seems like the flowers blooming at someone’s feet gradually unfold with the morning sunlight, blooming when the sun rises, feeling like you are lost in the land. Wonderland of fragrant flowers and strange grasses in dreams and just want to open your arms and hug them all, want to stop to admire them longer, but those flowers pull the traveler’s feet deeper into the forest to discover what The intense vitality of the high mountains and forests. The beautiful scenery of Sapa Vietnam in spring is not at all arrogant, not at all beautiful, just wild and gentle, which makes someone unwilling to leave, makes someone want to bring the whole sky of Sapa when returning? Sapa fascinates people not only because of the clear, gentle mountain beauty of the mountain girl, but also because of its charm that makes people want to conquer this beautiful, mysterious girl.

The entire Sapa forest is not only peach and plum blossoms? Sapa Vietnam is a sky full of pear flowers, orchids, and azalea flowers of all colors creating a vivid picture, inviting birds to join in with the bustling Spring music. But the characteristics of this place are still peach blossoms and plum blossoms, because they bloom everywhere without being picky about the land they nourish, they spread everywhere and overshadow the beauty of other flowers. In particular, the ancient, white moss and spindly features of the peach branches rising against the blue sky, producing such beautiful flowers, make people love the vibrant vitality that rises in Spring even more. of this place.

If peach blossoms in Sapa Vietnam are as beautiful and salty as Thuy Kieu, then plum blossoms have a pure, lovely color like Thuy Van. They are small and beautiful, connected together to cover the entire area, creating a clear, wonderful background. Stupidly beautiful! In the middle of a vast space of mountains and forests, surrounded by a floating white color, try spreading your arms wide as if hugging the whole garden of Eden in your heart, inhale slowly and deeply to feel the smell of the pure morning soil. Dreams, the scent of flowers in the grasslands and the cool, fresh air in the highlands welcome the spring of love, take a moment of silence to feel time and space stop, a moment of slow living, forgetting all the worries of life. alive, just you and nature wrapped tightly together.

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