Sapa Vietnam is foggy every morning

Traveling throughout the S-shaped length, perhaps nowhere has autumn as brilliant and unique as Sapa Vietnam – a small land located in the heart of the majestic Hoang Lien Son like pouring honey into people’s hearts. Sapa autumn is a bit indifferent, magical, and seems aimless and uncertain. Everything from mountains, forests, flowers and grass to people are incredibly beautiful. Sapa in autumn is bright yellow with rolling terraced fields and brown roofs. The majestic mountains blend with the scenery and people here to create a peaceful, lyrical picture. However, many wandering tourists come to Sapa autumn because of the mist that spreads every morning, to immerse themselves in the chilly air and illusory smog. It is all a clear autumn, with a little difference. Swaying between heaven and earth. If you come to Sapa to forget the chaos of life, you will feel extremely relieved.

Coming to Sapa Vietnam in the fall, strolling through famous places such as Cat Cat village or stone church, the market has enough characteristics of the highlands that the more tourists experience it, the less they want to leave. In autumn, the trees gradually change their leaves, no longer as green as the sparkling summer days, adding to the serenity of a mountainous area. The autumn weather in Sapa is also extremely unique. It seems that in just one day we can feel the atmosphere of all four seasons of the year. The morning is filled with the mist of spring, noon brings the mischievous sunshine of summer, near the end of the afternoon it gets chilly like autumn and when night falls we feel the breath of winter again. about. Holding hands with the person you love, walking in the middle of the night in Sapa, stopping by a restaurant to enjoy hot grilled food is definitely one of the happiest times you have ever experienced. Sapa autumn is probably the most beautiful season to experience a homestay, witnessing and living in a space rich in indigenous identity. More than that, it is the mind and affection of the homestay owners. They are considerate and the space itself gives people a sense of family.

There is nothing more worth living than when on a chilly autumn morning, we sip a warm cup of tea on the porch, watching the nature and everything around us transform. In addition, visitors coming to Sapa in the fall should enjoy all the unique specialties of the ethnic groups here and extremely rustic dishes but with the breath of the mountains and forests. This is also the most suitable season for tourists to experience trekking or backpacking throughout Sapa‘s roads to fully enjoy the fresh atmosphere here. Perhaps thousands of beautiful words cannot express the charm of Sapa in the bright autumn days. Only when you set foot in this beautiful land can you understand why this place is so popular with tourists. Fall passes and winter comes, then spring turns to summer. The four seasons in Sapa are still as sweet and clear as the open blue sky here. A piece of nostalgia sent back to Sapa Vietnam on a beautiful, fluttering autumn day.

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