Sapa Vietnam Field Festival

The early spring field festival of the Tay and Dao ethnic minorities in Ban Ho commune, Sapa Vietnam opened on the morning of the 8th day of the Lunar New Year (February 2), attracting a large number of locals and tourists. In the locality, there are many foreign tourists who have come to have fun and explore the unique culture of the people in the high mountains in the north.

The ceremony begins with the land procession and water procession. The procession always goes very early when the sky is not yet clear. The group includes: shaman, drum team, trumpet team, two unmarried couples carrying palanquins. The procession is decorated colorfully according to the symbol of yin and yang of the five elements. Leading the procession is a shaman, who is assigned the responsibility of being a messenger to communicate with the gods, holding a tree in his hand, a symbol of fertility and growth. Behind is a palanquin carrying water, water is stored in two large pipes, one father and one mother. Next is the procession of land, sacred land taken from the high mountain called mother land.

Then there are the offerings to the gods. The offerings include a tray of fruits (seeds are also contained inside the fruits), seven-colored raspberries, five-colored rice cakes and pig’s hands, boiled chicken, fruit, etc. The gong team walks on either side of the sorcerer floating the gong. for the priest to communicate with the gods. When the procession arrives at the ceremony site, the shaman signals to the ceremonial music team to play three drums, resounding throughout the mountains, heaven and earth, then the shaman performs the ritual ritual. He made a vow and sprayed water to do miracles to ward off evil spirits, banish bad luck, and then he spread the fortune (seeds) of the gods to the villagers.

The festival begins with dances and special folk music performances of the Tay and Dao people. But the most outstanding, the most fun, and the most participating are the shows, when the drums and trumpets sounded, the Tay girls opened the show with graceful and skillful movements inviting everyone to participate. goes on and on and on in the sound of trumpets and drums. You can refer to Sapa tour 3 days 4 nights here to enjoy the natural beauty of Sapa Vietnam as well as learn about the traditional culture of Sapa ethnic groups.

When the screens are over, everyone rushes to the arcade. The games here are mostly folk games. The first is a game of long throw, two young men and women are honored to throw the first ball, then everyone can participate. The game of throwing continues until someone else throws the ball over the hoop. Followed by games such as pushing sticks, tug of war, spinning, hitting the ball, blindfolded to catch goats, climbing fat poles, etc. The festival going down to Ban Ho – Sapa Vietnam field invigorates people in production and construction. , preserving cultural identity.

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