Sapa Vietnam this season has a youthful green color

Sapa Vietnam in July also has a youthful green color full of vitality. Every road we pass is filled with fresh, lush grass and trees. Here this season, everywhere is immersed in endless green and full of vitality. Wherever July comes, we can feel the strong growth and fullness of life. The green terraced fields are gradually growing, seeping through the sun and wind to show off their shiny golden color in the coming Octobers. Walking in such green days, my heart is also filled with the rhythm of youthful love of life.

July, the season of heaven and earth, youth and human hearts, why does it fascinate us so much? On the green roads, the clear eyes of children remind us and make us love the pure and innocent green color of youth. Sapa Vietnam has such a clear and beautiful blue color. That place in July is sweet in the red color of ripe plums and peaches. Around this time is the fruit harvest season. The gardens are laden with sweet and delicious fruits that add to the flavor of heaven and earth. The crunchy, sweet and big round peaches and plums always soothe people’s hearts after long, tiring trips.

Throughout the markets and streets this season, we can easily see colorful fruits next to simple street vendors. In the green of the plum orchards, the red peach orchards are laden with fruit like small sparks, brightening up the whole natural picture of changing seasons. Who said that Sapa Vietnam in July does not have flower season? This season is also full of flowers here! It just depends on how the person feels. Yes, this season there are no peach or plum blossoms, but the highland land also has a bright crimson color in every corner of the sky, there are also pink and purple colors jostling each other to fill the walkways, and there is also a whole paradise of countless beautiful flowers. Ham Rong Mountain. Is that enough for you?

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