Sapa is romantic and warm from the “heart beat”

“Love Beat” is a series of short films that are attracting millions of viewers on social media platforms. With the desire to bring “Love Beat” closer to the audience, the film crew decided to go to Lao Cai to perform the scenes. The series “Round of Love” has about 10 episodes set in Sapa Vietnam, creating a different highlight for the episodes. Each episode “Body beat” is a story revolving around daily life and has a human meaning. The conflicts and dramas in the episodes are always pushed to the climax, sometimes as if they want to break the close relationship, but in the end, the most precious thing is that the friendship still exists and is the strength for each person. people who find a happy or sad ending, but bring lessons for themselves. It can be a story related to a young man from the lowland who volunteered and “falls in love” with a highland girl, or people who illegally leave the country to work across the border… and many other interesting stories in the events. episode, promises to bring humane lessons to the audience.

I was fortunate to meet the director and actors on the last day of filming in Sapa Vietnam, feeling clearly that the film crew had devoted a lot of effort to each scene and dialogue, besides having a special love for them. with this land. Nguyen Tuan Anh – the “father” of “The Heartbeat” and is also known in many roles such as director, actor and multi-talented producer. He made a mark with a series of movies with millions of views on social networks and appeared in many movies and TV series such as Hung Ali, Love Suit, 4 years 2 boys 1 love, Tycoon’s daughter, Crazy Husband, Cunning Love… With any film, a young producer always ponders, explores and renews himself to bring quality and valuable products to the audience.

Sharing about the fate of choosing Sapa Vietnam as the setting for his 10 episodes, Tuan Anh said: In 2014, I had the opportunity to travel in Sa Pa. The majestic mountains, the city in the mist and the innocent but difficult eyes of the local children have left a special impression on me. When I became a director, I always wanted to bring the film crew to Sapa to both work and organize volunteer programs. One week of hard work in Sa Pa, the film crew came and filmed at many locations such as Topas Ecolodge Resort, Rock Graden Sapa homestay, Ta Van village, Tubotel Sapa, May restaurant, lakeside, stone church, market night and some homestay in Sapa. The young director also shared: During this trip, the film crew received a lot of love and support from the people. Anywhere in the land of Sapa is beautiful, poetic, making me remember forever.

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