Sapa forest shiitake specialties

Growing at an altitude of more than 2000m above sea level and deep in old forests, Sapa’s forest shiitake has a unique taste that cultivated mushrooms do not have. Sapa is not only a famous land with beautiful and majestic natural scenery, but also a place to keep delicate and unique culinary culture. This land is endowed by nature with many specialties of the mountains and forests, in addition to pig man, bamboo shoots, bitter bamboo shoots, stream fish, cat apple, it is impossible not to mention Sapa Vietnam forest mushrooms. Growing at an altitude of more than 2000m above sea level, shiitake mushrooms here are delicious and nutritious ready to conquer all fastidious diners. Sapa Vietnam forest shiitake in appearance is no different from other types of shiitake, but in terms of taste, if any diners have tasted it, it will be difficult to forget the special delicious taste of this mushroom.

Wild shiitake mushrooms are used to process many different dishes, in addition, this mushroom also has many values in Eastern medicine, shiitake is considered a famous tonic with rich mineral content and many types. vitamins, fiber… have anti-aging effects, enhance resistance, lower cholesterol…

Mushrooms are grown naturally in Hoang Lien forest, ethnic people often carry bags and have to go deep into the forest to pick mushrooms, the most delicious mushrooms are after showers, at this time the mushrooms are more fragrant, soft and sweeter. Sa Pa forest mushrooms have long been considered a specialty thanks to their attractive aroma after being processed with black chicken, stir-fried with meat or heart, underarm pig liver, cooked with pork leg. Many restaurants in Sapa Vietnam are also famous for their salmon forest mushroom hot pot.

There are not as many shiitake mushrooms in Sapa Vietnam as before because many people are looking for them, so the price up to more than 200,000 VND/kg is understandable. If you want to buy genuine Sapa forest shiitake, go to the central market of Sapa town to choose to buy bags of dried forest mushrooms picked by ethnic people or more carefully, ask acquaintances in Sapa to choose to buy fresh wild shiitake mushrooms. are sold by local people along the 4D National Highway after each forest rain.

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