Sapa – Destination of flower seasons

In summer, Sapa Vietnam is brilliantly blooming because it is the season of blooming flowers. Sapa used to surprise visitors when the rose garden appeared in Muong Hoa valley. The strangeness of French, American roses or Taiwanese peach flowers attracts tourists in the moment. But over time, the strange is no longer enough to hold tourists back, they demand more in-depth tourism products. In 2020, Sapa Vietnam continues to affirm as a flower season destination when Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area was awarded the record of the largest rose valley in Vietnam with an area of 50,000 square meters, including 300,000 roses from 150 species: Juliet , Aoi rose, Black Baccara rose, Catalina, Golden Celebration, Maurice Utrillo, Rouge Royale, Eclair, Spirit of Freedom…

Plant varieties such as South African chrysanthemum, apricot meadow, chrysanthemum … are also planted along the entrance to the flower valley. Visitors to Fansipan will see flower beds that change with the seasons. Not only colorful roses, purple primrose, chrysanthemum, arapang, next September, safflower, peacock and magic chrysanthemum will be planted in abundance, bringing many new flowers. Going back in time about Nguyen Thanh Long’s work “Silently Sapa”, you also know that the land of Sapa Vietnam is inherently full of flowers, all kinds of flowers with fresh colors.

“After nearly two days, after nearly four hundred kilometers of long distance from Hanoi, standing looking at the clouds on the same level as the other rainbow, suddenly met the peony, dahlia, yellow, purple, red, and pink flowers. , honeycomb… right there is summer, suddenly and happily, forgetting shyness, she ran to the boy who was cutting flowers. The son, very naturally, as with a close friend, gave the cut flower to the girl, and also very naturally, she took it.”


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