Sapa – city in the mist

According to history books, Sapa Vietnam was originally called Hung Ho, which means Red Stream. The French colonialists attacked Lao Cai in March 1886 and occupied Sapa in November. After capturing Hung Ho, feeling the wonderful climate of this land, the French focused on building and turning this place into a resort. Ideal for travel during the hot summer months. The natural landscape of Sa Pa is combined with human creativity along with the topography of mountains and hills, the green of the forest, like a picture arranged in a harmonious layout to create an area with many scenes. attractive poetic color.

Immersed in the floating clouds, Sapa town looks like a city in the mist. Here, there is an invaluable resource that is a cool, fresh climate with many diverse nuances. Located at an average altitude of 1500-1800m, Sapa’s climate is more or less temperate with an average temperature of 15-18°C. From May to August there is a lot of rain. Coming to Sapa Vietnam in the cold season, you will have the opportunity to see snowfall as beautiful as Europe in the fog, creating a beautiful landscape like a watercolor painting.

Sapa Vietnam spring is the most beautiful season of the year because the clouds, mountains and fog create a beautiful scene that few places in Vietnam have. April and May is the time when ethnic minorities transplant rice on terraced fields. And this is also the blooming season of many beautiful flowers. All blend to form a colorful picture. In the summer, Sa Pa is also an ideal place to escape the sweltering heat.

September and October is the season of ripe rice, then every view of Sapa is golden. Around this time, Sapa Vietnam seemed to put on a new color – golden color all over the hills. The magical transformation of nature and climate in Sa Pa, combined with the unique national cultural identity of the Northwest highland people, is enough to fascinate people.

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