Sapa ancient stone

This ancient stone beach with a life span of centuries is located at Hau Thao, Sapa Vietnam. Sapa ancient stone beach stretches on Muong Hoa valley and covers an area of about 8 km2 with nearly 200 different large and small stone blocks. Coming to Sapa ancient stone beach, you feel like you are lost in an extremely mysterious world with things that have not been explained so far.

The ancient stone beach is known as a famous place discovered by a French archaeologist in 1925, up to now, this stone beach has been around for nearly 100 years in  Sapa Vietnam. However, this is only the age from when the rock was discovered, and the fact that it appeared since when is still a mystery. There are giant stones lying on the ground, there are also small stones hidden in the fields. The largest stone block can be about 15m long and 4m high, but there are also small stones less than 1m. All intertwined to create a beautiful space.

A special feature is that on each stone slab are engraved extremely unique patterns, with drawings of familiar things such as people, stilts, roads, terraces, writing, … but also There are many strange, confusing, and somewhat confusing patterns that evoke many different things. This has aroused the curiosity and interest of tourists when visiting the ancient stone beach. There are many explanations for the meaning of ancient stone patterns. According to local residents, this is all that the ancestors stored and wanted to pass on to their descendants. However, according to some scientists, this is an ancient map of the H’Mong people, or it may also be the drawings that record the fierce battles of their ancestors from ancient times. Even so, it’s all just speculation and speculation, the patterns and textures on the stones go on forever without stopping, which arouses the curiosity of those who witness it.

Visiting here, you can not only enjoy the beauty of Sapa ancient rock but also be immersed in the poetic scenery of Muong Hoa valley in Sapa Vietnam. You will be able to drop your soul into the vast green rice fields that are lush, or fall in love with the golden rice fields when in the season. In the distance are majestic and majestic mountains, covering the whole eye is a green – green color of fields, grass, mountains, forests, heaven and earth. We seem to get into our eyes a beautiful picture of nature. Over a century, up to now, Sapa’s ancient rock is still a mystery, a big “question mark” with no answer. No one knows when this rock appeared, why it has not been excavated until now, … all are at the level of speculation and hypothesis, until now, the journey to research and learn about the ancient rock field. strange is not over yet. It can be said that the ancient stone beach is one of the ideal tourist destinations that arouse the curiosity of many visitors. If you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa Vietnam, come to the land of fog to see and see the beauty of Sapa ancient rock!

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