Saigon sticky rice in Vietnamese cuissine

For a country with a long history of wet rice agriculture, preparations made from rice still hold a rather special position in the culinary village of the country. Topping the list of traditional Vietnamese dishes, sticky rice in Vietnamese cuissine is considered one of the fast foods that are both convenient, simple, and popular but still enough to fill your hungry stomach.

You can easily imagine a package of sticky rice in Vietnamese cuissine wrapped in a simple banana leaf from home, lying in the palm of your hand. Today, in the era of opening up exchanges between countries, it is no longer just a package of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves, the traditional sticky rice pillow in Vietnamese cuissine is also mixed with “the taste of the west” to be more suitable for the market of the people. consumption, such as: salty sticky rice – full of ham with toppings, chicken sticky rice – chicken or chicken skin, blue bean sticky rice – eye-catching purple color from butterfly pea flowers, 7-color sticky rice – multi-color…

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