Sad July

For 20 years, the old soldier’s life has been attached to this lotus pond. Originally a wounded soldier after the war against the US, he returned to the Tho Ha ancient village to work as a farmer, then got married and had children. His wife – a woman from the countryside who worked in floods and always lived, volunteered to marry him – who had only one leg left to be her husband. Life is extremely difficult, he and his wife have only one daughter, now she works outside the city. His war invalid salary can also buy books for his children to study.

Many times, he sat under the sunset, watching the deserted lagoon in front of the house and thinking about it. The hard life of a soldier climbing passes and crossing streams, facing death every moment that we can overcome, perhaps peace and then living miserable in poverty forever? When his daughter went to college, he discussed with his wife the contractor for this wild lagoon to raise fish. One foot also waded in the mud, covered the bank, slapped the water, he kept leaning over the wet mud all day. One afternoon, he went to eat at the party next door Tho Ha ancient village, saw that the lotus pond was so beautiful, the intention to grow lotus arose. So his model of raising lotus fish was implemented. Two old grandparents built a small house on the banks of the lagoon to live and take care of the lotus pond. The first few cases failed, the grandparents were discouraged, but the daughter came back to play with an interesting initiative, changing the grandparents’ lives.

The girl brought home specialty Thai Nguyen bud tea and experimented with making fresh lotus tea. In the evening, she takes a boat to the lagoon, chooses pink lotus flowers, puts a pinch of tea in the flower and ties it, overnight, early the next day she takes a boat to pick lotus flowers, take out the tea to make and drink. The fragrant scent of lotus blends with the scent of tea, creating a pure, different fragrance that can open deep vibrations in the human soul. Now, grandparents’ fresh lotus tea has a brand, customers come to the house to order.

In July, the sky is bluer, the sun is more intense, people’s hearts calm down because there is a day of gratitude for wounded soldiers and martyrs. I visited the old man when he had just landed on the boat. Helping him hold a bunch of lotuses ashore, I caught sight of his beautiful gentle smile, which stood out on the pink lotus soup. The old woman helped him off the boat, fitted him with a wooden prosthetic leg, and then went to the table to have a drink. Seeing the two grandparents caring for each other is heartwarming.

The old soldier sitting in front of me could have been like a lotus. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, he chose a peaceful and simple place in Tho Ha ancient village to work and remember his teammates. The old man told the old woman to pick a bunch for me to bring back. I feel the fragrance of life, from the story of the old soldier and his wife. The old man saw me off as he stood smiling with his cane, one leg of his pants fluttering… I have a full July of gratitude and sadness with many good premonitions…

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