Sacred Bac Ha temple

Bac Ha Temple near Sapa Vietnam was built in the nineteenth century, a place of worshiping the country Vu Van Mat (1493 – 1571), a native of Dong Thuong village (Dong Quang commune, Gia Loc district, Hai Duong province). He is a great contributor to the construction of military base in Ngoc Uyen cave (today’s North Ha) and mobilizing local ethnic minorities to suppress foreign invaders, to keep a large border area in the North. King Le Chieu Tong (from 1516) to the Mac dynasty (1527).

The history book of his merits: “The life of the 7th year of the King of Tu Duc (1855) ordained the elected lords (brothers Vu Van Uyen, Vu Van Mat) of the National Assembly, Hung in Bac Ha, making the land This becomes rich and crowded. ” History of the Nguyen Dynasty stated: “The Le Dynasty’s prestige was thanks to the strength of Vu’s cousin who had the merit of fighting the enemy, the border of peace and the people of peace”. In order to express gratitude to the hero who has contributed to the country and the land of Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, the people here have established a temple of Quoc Cong Vu Van Mat in the center of Bac Ha town. The temple was built on the back terrain based on the mountain, facing the mountain of parents and children. Tam Quan temple is 5m wide, in the middle of the above is the 5 -word diaphragm: “Bac Ha Linh Tu”.

The structure of the temple consists of 2 parts: Dai Bai and harem. The great building is made of good wood, the two heads are built of large bricks, outside the head of the director embossed with dragon face, bearing the appearance of the dragon in the Nguyen Dynasty. Above the roof of the long -shaped long moon, showing the faith of agricultural residents, with the hope of favorable rain and wind, good crops. The next Court of Bai is the harem, divided into two parts: the outside is the main place of worship, the two sides worshiped Holy Tran; Inside the palace banned a wooden examination – the place of the three national court, and the bronze statue of the national house Vu Van Mat and the Vu family. In addition, on the altar also placed a chest containing the style of the Nguyen Dynasty, painted with gold.

Bac Ha Temple near Sapa Vietnam is a famous spiritual destination. Each year, tens of thousands of visitors attending the Bac Ha Temple Festival takes place on February 10 (lunar calendar) and the occasion of the Holy Holy National Assembly Vu Van Mat to commemorate His merits. In the festival, folk games often organize folk games such as pushing sticks, chess, tug of war … In 2003, Bac Ha Temple was ranked national historical monuments.

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