Sa Pa lake

For a long time, Sa Pa lake has become the soul of the town and is one of the tourist attractions in Sapa Vietnam that attracts a large number of people and tourists to visit and enjoy the scenery. This is also the place where the town’s large and small cultural events regularly take place.

According to the story, in the past, the Sa Pa people saw a cool water flowing from Hoang Lien mountain, which was very suitable for building a lake. They decided to build an artificial lake on the mountain to improve the natural landscape of the town and attract tourists. Coming here on summer days, visitors can take a relaxing walk, breathe in the fresh air and watch the weeping willows, along with the flowers blooming along the lakeside. Over the years, now, around the lake, there are many attractive entertainment places for tourists to choose from.

Sapa Lake is a freshwater lake located in the center of Sapa Vietnam, this is a favorite place of domestic and foreign tourists when coming to Sapa Vietnam. The lake brings clear blue water, adorning this place more fresh and fresh.

The lake is not too famous, but for those who want to slow down, this is a great place to enjoy. Just sitting by the lake enjoying each cool breeze is enough to feel happy and romantic. Or you can go to the lakeside cafes to enjoy each passing moment in this town among the clouds.

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