Sa Pa is cold, flowers are frozen

The temperature dropped deeply, and the humidity increased when the cold air mass from the north flooded in, making Mount Fansipan, O Quy Ho pass and Si Ma Cai district in Lao Cai province appear icy. On the morning of November 23, many areas of SaPa Vietnam appeared icy after many days of intense cold.

Mr. Minh Phuong, a local resident, said that after many days of a sharp drop in temperature on November 22, the peak of Fansipan in SaPa Vietnam began to appear icy. In the evening of the same day, many areas at the foot of the mountain, the ice was thicker, covering the area.

Mr. To Manh Tien – Deputy Director of Lao Cai Department of Agriculture and Rural Development – said that since the beginning of the week, when receiving weather forecast information about the cold air mass in the North, the Department has organized the work of grasping the situation. plans to remedy damage to agricultural products and crops for the people.

“The Department has set up three working groups led by three deputy directors of the Department to inspect the frost situation. Currently, Phan Xi Pang, O Quy Ho pass in SaPa Vietnam and high mountains in Si Ma district. When the temperature dropped to 4-5 degrees and the humidity was high, frost is expected. It is expected that on the evening of November 23, the temperature will continue to decrease, the frost will gradually increase, covering a large area. damage to agricultural products of the people”, Mr. Tien said

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