Sapa Vietnam in July – Why not try romantic things in 2023?

Wondering if there is anything more strange about Sapa Vietnam in July, where summer has not yet passed and autumn is still lingering? It is like a nameless void waiting for the traveler to arbitrarily judge. Everyone has the right to like it or not, but this season remains unchanged over the years, there are still rains mixed with pale sunlight, there are still bright flowers mixed with sweet ripe fruit, these days are still like a picture of communication. The season is full of colors and sounds. On days when the weather is hot and humid, when you escape the city to find a bit of the breath of the mountains and forests, you can hear the scent of trees and grass in the wind… this season is tinged with a bit of gentle spring in the morning, a bit of summer sunshine at noon, a bit of carefree autumn afternoon rain, and then The coming winter night gently reminds us that this season also requires more warm clothes.

Here in this season, one day is like all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter come together in harmony. Sapa Vietnam in July is surrounded by white mist. In the early morning of summer days, the sky is filled with clouds and mist. Hello Has the City of Clouds woken up? In that city, the houses, street corners, and small villages of clouds are peaceful and enchantingly beautiful. In Sapa‘s rainy season, the clouds in the sky are many and dense, as if this land is no longer the lower world, and we also feel like we are traveling to a very strange place. The fluffy white clouds are even more attractive and dreamy. The days come, wake up early, from the mountain slope, the top of the pass, or the window porch, you can watch a fairy dreaming in white cotton blankets. Walking around the roads, blending into the illusory mist, breathing deeply the fresh, clean air of the mountain town, we feel our hearts light and happy like floating clouds.

It turns out that humans and the fairy world are so close to each other. Mist and clouds embrace the magical and mysterious landscape. But just a moment later, when the golden rays of sunlight poured like honey through the mountains and villages, they quickly changed their clothes to new, cheerful and brilliant colors. Sapa Vietnam in July is innocent in the sweet golden sunshine. The rising sun only warms the area but does not take away the cool weather typical of the highlands. The sun happily danced on the road, blending with the blue clouds. The sun caresses the young shoots, illuminating everything with special gentleness. The sun follows people through the roads, the sun blends in the color of the trees and plants, creeps through the corners to dye everywhere a brilliant yellow. The fields under the sunlight sparkled as if they had just been plated with precious jewelry. The color of sunlight is as clear and innocent as the sky of memories. Everyone had such peaceful sunny days on the porch in their childhood! In front of the yard, batches of corn drying in the sun have also turned a rich yellow color, contributing to making the plateau land more brilliant. And the season change has such a yellow color.

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