Rooftop garden

For more than 30 years in the ferry business, it is time for my father to be free to enjoy his simple dreams. During dinner, three excitedly shared with the whole family the idea of ​​a rooftop garden… My father said that when he was young in the countryside Tho Ha ancient village, he still followed his grandmother to take care of the green vegetable garden behind the house, so he liked to do it himself. I grow vegetables. Moving to the city to set up a career, this hobby became an intention when his father retired. And now is the time to make that dream come true.

My mother smiled, she knew it was my father’s long-standing wish, so she immediately agreed. As for my sisters, they laughed and supported them with both hands and feet. I was so absorbed in work that I didn’t come home until a few months later. Dad is helping Mom bring dinner’s food to the table. A plate of young green morning glory sauteed with garlic, a plate of crispy salted eggplant, a pot of jute vegetable soup cooked with fragrant copper crab…

I couldn’t help but be surprised: “Why are there so many delicious dishes? All my favorite foods!” My father laughed! I was a bit puzzled but still passionately beat three bowls of rice with irresistible delicious food. Mom looked at my father and then at me, smiling and laughing: “Yes This delicious meal is thanks to your father”! I followed three steps to the terrace. In front of my eyes is a small beautiful green garden, I thought I saw the garden behind my grandfather’s house in Tho Ha ancient village every time the whole family came home to visit. Unbelievable! The two parts of the terrace are neatly arranged by my father, with cement pots and styrofoam containers containing soil for growing vegetables. My father grows a lot of different vegetables. Here are a few boxes of broccoli, spinach, jute … are full of life. There are a few pots of eggplant at harvest time. This is a bunch of lettuce, green herbs in the morning sun.

I saw that at the end of the terrace, my father also made a trellis of loof, the flower buds bloomed with gold, making the bees and butterflies engrossed in circling in Tho Ha ancient village. A clump of velvet roses in an earthen pot is hiding three, the first four buds swinging under a pot of wild orchids hanging above… As much as I can see, I can imagine that my father has put so much effort into the beautiful little garden. “Taking care of the garden every day, I do not feel tired but also feel much better. Mother and daughter don’t have to worry about choosing anymore, home-grown vegetables are the safest!” – Dad smiled, eyes shining with happiness: “In the morning, standing on my terrace, admiring the green garden in the sun, Breathing in the fresh air around. It’s very interesting.”… My father’s garden is small, but beautifully cared for, making me feel mesmerized. Taking a deep breath in the morning green breeze on my terrace, I can see all the freshness, purity, and even the salty sweat and sweet love of my father.

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