Romantic love waterfall Sapa Vietnam

Perhaps just hearing the name, tourists already want to “see” the waterfall with this romantic name and it is even more attractive when the waterfall is located in the romantic tourist destination of Sapa Vietnam. Love Waterfall originates from the Hoang Lien range, in San Sa Ho commune, about 5 years ago, when the name Love Waterfall was still quite strange to many people, I had the opportunity to visit by chance during a trip. calendar in Sa Pa. The road to the waterfall in those days was extremely difficult, mainly a trail. To get to the waterfall, you had to go through a steep path with slippery vegetation that only pulled people down, but in return, on both sides of the road, the fragrant scent of herbs The fruit and beauty of many types of wild flowers seem to erase all the tiredness of tourists.

To get to Love Waterfall in Sapa Vietnam, you have to wade through the cold Yellow stream all year round. It is called the Golden Stream because the rocks of the stream are all a golden color. Under the clear water, when the sun rises high, it shines rays of sunlight onto the water surface, making the stream even more beautiful when it wears a glittering golden color… Now , the road to Love Waterfall is much easier, because this place has become an attractive tourist destination for tourists, especially couples. Admiring the waterfall with their own eyes, everyone is amazed by the beauty of the waterfall as its name suggests. Looking back from afar, Love Waterfall is like a white silk strip stretching between thousands of green trees. Some people imagine that it is the hair of a mountain girl floating in the sunlight, then it is the tears of the waiting O Quy Ho. The lover is the seventh fairy as the legend tells about the waterfall…

The surrounding natural scenery is beautiful, the waterfall falls from a height of about a hundred meters, standing at the foot of the waterfall, tiny bubbles of water blow on the wind to bring visitors. following the typical cold air of the foggy country. Looking up, you feel like you are standing in a basin. Above, the high mountains are arranged in an arc shape, with trees and leaves interwoven into a very beautiful circle, revealing only a round sky. Occasionally, the wind blows thin clouds across the sky, creating extremely beautiful scenery with the blue of the sky, the trees, the white of the clouds, the water and the pink and red of the rhododendrons and flowers. Forest in Sapa Vietnam

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