Ripe litchi season

After listening to my mother’s phone call, I was extremely happy, in an indescribable nausea, because in the next few days I will be able to eat sweet lychees picked from the main litchi tree in my beloved home garden in Tho Ha ancient village

Yes, I’ve been away from home for a long time, but every summer, I always remember the garden behind the small house in Tho Ha ancient village. That lovely garden, in addition to countless crops, vegetables, and spices, the most prominent are the 5 litchi trees that my grandfather planted when he was young. When I was born, those litchi trees were full of leaves. I still remember, every year after the Lunar New Year, when each bunch of flowers on the litchi trees bloomed white, giving off a fragrant scent, I and the children in the neighborhood would pull together after school in the morning or at night. The garden enjoys the scent of lychee flowers. In the moon season, in the evening, we often hang hammocks from one fabric root to another and then lie down and watch the sky through the canopy. The most romantic is when the bunches of lychee flowers come to fruition, at that time, thousands of thousands of tiny petals fall in the gentle breeze, and our children play under the tree, each with their own hair, clothes are also covered with flowers…

When the litchi season is ripe, my parents celebrate one, then I, like the children in the neighborhood, celebrate the tenth, because they will be satisfied with the ripe litchi, because they know for sure that when they pick litchi to sell, they always spend a a certain amount to share for the children to eat, even my mother has always had the habit of giving all households in the village a large cloth to enjoy. The litchi trees in the garden used to help my family through the difficult days when the income from lychee sales helped my mother have more money to measure rice, so that the family’s meals were more decent; Even the money to pay tuition fees and many other school supplies of our brothers and sisters sometimes comes from the money from selling cloth.

When I grew up, leaving Tho Ha ancient village to study in the city was also when my grandparents returned to their ancestors. The litchi trees in the garden are still spreading, reaching high and in season still giving bunches of sweet fruit. My family has been through a difficult time, my parents no longer bring lychees to sell, but often only give gifts to relatives and neighbors, and the best bunches of cloth at the beginning of the season are always respectfully placed on the altar of grandparents. . The season of litchi is coming again, in the nausea of nostalgia, missing my parents and the litchi trees in the garden, so many childhood memories come rushing back to me!

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