Rich in tea

Bringing the love with the rich flavor of Tho Ha ancient village, when I moved to the South to settle down, I found and bought a cassava tree planted in front of my small house. I thought it would be difficult for the tree to adapt to the climate in the South, but after putting the tree down, shortly after, the tree took root, gradually got used to the soil, and then grew up day by day. In the autumn – winter, the leaves are lumpy but not so much that they turn yellow and fall off like other trees. Wait until spring has just dawned on the earth, the tree has sprouted tender young shoots and sprouted green, good leaves under the scorching sun of a summer day.

Remember the old warmth with a rattan basket like senior friends in my family at Tho Ha ancient village. Because, it seems that every day, my mother brews a large amount of tea and then warms it up in a rattan basket. In the morning, before going to work in the fields, Dad made a cup of tea to warm his stomach. At noon, Dad made another cup to cool off. And especially in the evening, next to cups of golden tea, fragrant and fragrant, parents chat with their neighbors. The porch, the yard where the tea is made seems to be engraved with nostalgia for those who are far away from home.

When the tree was big enough, I began to carefully pick each leaf of the cake down to make tea. Just about 3-4 leaves is enough to make a delicious small cup of tea. Freshly washed leaves, use your hands to twist the leaves into small pieces and then put them in a cup. Pour a little boiling water into the cup, skip the first water to remove the sap, dirt on the leaves as well as to keep the leaves warm enough. Finally, pour almost full of boiling water into the cup and just wait for a few minutes to enjoy each sip of tea with a sweet taste, pleasant aroma.

Having the opportunity to return to the North to study for a few years, I did not forget the aromatic drink of Tho Ha ancient village. Those are the cups of tea on the sidewalk, even if you drink it in a blink of an eye, it is enough to be thirsty, to see the whole country as if it were with you. Loving the taste of my hometown, every time I make tea to invite guests and neighbors to drink, I introduce myself and happily chat. And then I don’t know when, the love of the neighbors where I live with the fragrance has quietly spread. Some people ask for some leaves to drink, others ask to buy plants to plant, everyone is happy: Voi tea is easy to drink, so not only do not lose sleep, but also eat well and sleep well!

In the last days of summer, I cut a few branches down to get dried leaves to drink gradually in the rainy and windy months at the end of the year. Having a cup of tea for a whole year is a small happiness for me. Then it became a habit, every day having a pot of tea, the heart feels light and peaceful. Even on the days of implementing social distancing because of the Covid-19 epidemic, even alone with a cup of tea every morning, I still feel very peaceful and warm. Not fussy, not extravagant, I love the simple and simple taste of tea, so that in my everyday joys, there is joy that grows in the shadow of my house!

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