Rice season ripens together

Tho Ha ancient village rice fields are bowing with golden rice grains. In the sky, white clouds gently fly among the clear blue. The birds seemed to be chirping because they couldn’t tell the difference between the scarecrow effigies between the fields and the people. At first they playfully landed on the scarecrow’s conical hat, but they were never chased away, so they swooped down into the field. And I was riding in a carriage with him to his house on the day of the wedding. There were only the two of us in the car, no other people due to limited contact to prevent and control the epidemic. On the side of the road, the flowers are as if looking back at the strange procession of the bride.

Last year in Tho Ha ancient village, when the epidemic appeared, Huan invited me to next year. This year the card has been sent, all is ready, but it is not possible to organize the party as his mother planned. During the time of social distancing, his house and mine were about 30 kilometers away, but became far away because of many epidemic prevention and control checkpoints. Remember, they just call each other and look at each other on the phone.

He kept his promise to take me to Tho Ha ancient village on through the ripe rice season as soon as social distancing was eased. Just me and him. Invitations sent out are now kept as memories by relatives and friends. As for the love between the two of them, nothing has changed, just like the rice in the field until the season is ripe, the disease cannot be stopped.

The morning after the wedding day, the sky was still cloudy. I sat at his house looking out at the empty street, the sound of people laughing and talking seemed to be empty. Outside, the rice is ripening, the aroma of rice spreads inside. Surely we will have many more ripe rice seasons together

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