Rice paper rolls with 2 heads of pork skin in Vietnamese cuisine

The main secret of the double-skinned pork rice paper roll lies in Vietnamese cuisine in the pork material, which is a type of double-skinned meat that is selected from the best part of the pig. Pork is steamed to keep the delicious, sweet taste of the meat, when the cut of meat has clear fat, it is standard. Serve with this dish indispensable raw vegetables in Vietnamese cuisine

Each roll of cake in Vietnamese cuisine, diners can feel the freshness of the salad, the strong aroma of cinnamon, herbs, lettuce, the mild acrid taste of thinly sliced ​​bananas and the strange taste of perilla… The seasoning is the only dipping method of the pork rice paper roll, if it is replaced with another dipping sauce, it will lose the flavor and characteristics of this dish.

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