Rice noodle

Vermicelli is another typical dish in Vietnamese cuisine, which if used in English, would also be called “noodle”. Vermicelli in Vietnamese cuisine also has a similar way of making pho, which is made from rice, but the noodles are rounder and sour faster. In terms of origin, vermicelli was born long before pho, which is considered to have been born from the Ly-Tran dynasties. Noodles in Vietnamese cuisine are somewhat similar to noodles in China, Udon noodles of Japan, and Khanom chin of Thailand, so it can be considered that East Asian “noodle” dishes have the same origin and influence each other. Each country has transformed into its own national dishes.

Noodle dishes in Vietnamese cuisine are very diverse. Types of vermicelli dishes include water vermicelli, mixed vermicelli. The popular vermicelli dishes in Vietnamese cuisine are vermicelli with tofu , vermicelli with fish, vermicelli with snail etc. Among them, the most famous and delicious are vermicelli with grilled pork and vermicelli with  beef in Hue

Bun Cha: This is a specialty dish of Hanoi and Northern Vietnamese cuisine, with the same popularity as pho. If pho is chosen as the representative dish of Vietnamese cuisine, then bun cha is the dish that is appreciated by many magazines and culinary experts as the best dish in Vietnamese cuisine. Bun cha is a vermicelli dish served with grilled pork rolls (usually minced or grilled meat), grilled on a charcoal grill to bring up the aroma, served with dipping sauce and raw vegetables. Recently, former US President Obama and an American culinary expert came to eat bun cha in Hanoi, making bun cha even more famous.

Hue beef noodle soup: A typical dish of the “old capital” of Hue. Bun bo Hue is a vermicelli noodle dish, different from beef vermicelli in the North, usually with a sweeter broth, and not only beef but also pork leg, sprouts,… Another famous beef noodle soup , which is Southern beef noodle soup.

A bowl of fish noodle soup, in addition to fresh onions and dill vegetables, can also be served with green vegetables, chrysanthemums or vegetables that need to be dotted with a layer of smooth, golden caviar to make the vermicelli bowl more attractive.

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