Reviving traditional crafts

The Dao people in Sapa Vietnam have many traditional crafts with high cultural value such as silver carving, brocade embroidery, forging, and carpentry… Since the development of tourism, the Dao people In Sa Pa, a number of occupations have been selected to invest in organizing production to create products for tourism. Typically, embroidery and brocade products are produced in a variety of ways, suitable for the needs of visitors such as: products for making cushions, pillows, mobile phone bags, wallets, hats, handbags, etc. travel backpack…

To develop the embroidery and brocade profession, the Women’s Unions of Ta Phin, Suoi Thau and Nam Cang communes in Sapa Vietnam have organized brocade production clubs with hundreds of members participating. These clubs are consulted by NGOs on product design and initial consumption. Local authorities also create favorable conditions for loans, organize free vocational training classes for people. As a result, each person involved in the production of tourism products has a stable income. On average, each person earns from 300,000 to 500,000 VND/month. A member like Ms. Ly May Chan, Ly Ta Use, Ly May Pham, Wok May Coi… of Ta Phin commune, earns 4-7 million VND per year by selling products to tourists. Some members who both produce and directly sell products each month also earn 1 – 2 million VND. In the silver carving profession, too, the Dao produce diversified products such as rings, bracelets, silver necklaces, silver commemorative figures… At the same time, some silver carving establishments only produce silver carvings. products made of pure silver to keep the prestige of white silver, but not to produce aluminum and alloy products.

The Dao people in Ta Phin in Sapa Vietnam used to have a profession of making drums, making carpentry and joining wooden crates to hold water… mainly serving the daily needs of the people. Nowadays, seeing that carpentry can produce many valuable souvenirs, Mr. Ly Phu Kinh in Ta Phin has gathered a number of artisans to establish a club to produce drums and souvenirs according to demand. of tourists and decorated in restaurants and hotels… The club’s products have a reputation in the market and are sold in many stores in Ho Chi Minh City. Lao Cai and Sa Pa district and souvenir shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ha Long.

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