Reviving an attractive Chay River tour on the Bac Ha white plateau

Since the Bac Ha hydroelectricity near Sapa Vietnam has accumulated water, the Chay river has dried up, making it difficult to travel by boat. But now, it is attracting and welcoming tourists again when Bao Nhai 1 hydroelectric power station stores water. Thereby creating jobs and income for the people living here. Thanks to Bao Nhai Hydropower Plant coming into operation, water storage has contributed to the revival of an attractive tour on the Bac Ha river flowing from Trung Do village – Hang Tien, Bao Nhai commune – Coc Ly hydroelectric lake.

Chay River in Bac Ha district near Sapa Vietnam stretches, winding along the winding terrain of the mountain ranges. There are vertical cliffs on both sides of the river, and there are sections that expand to a distant view. Visitors can start their cruise on Chay river from Bao Nhai commune up to Coc Ly commune or vice versa. Since Bao Nhai 1 hydropower plant has been filled with water, sailing on the Chay River is no longer difficult. Especially in the summer days, especially on weekends, when the weather is hot and humid, it is also the time when many tourists from the lowlands, or Lao Cai city, look for the countryside or highlands with charming scenery. Peaceful and peaceful rivers and streams, where there are cool waterfalls or peaceful green hydroelectric lakes, have become an attractive “hot spot” for many people and tourists.

That’s why the tour on Chay River from Trung Do village to Hang Tien, Bao Nhai commune to Coc Ly Commune’s Hydroelectric Lake, Bac Ha district near Sapa Vietnam has been revived and in the early days of this summer 2023, experience a cruise on Chay river on Chay river. The poetic Bac Ha white plateau has been chosen by many people. After many years of having to stop working or working in moderation, now there are many tourists, some households in Bao Nhai commune, who work as boat drivers, popular motels and some homestays are happy and excited. Mr. Ha Quang Chanh, Tay ethnic group, Trung Do village, Bao Nhai commune, said that his family’s life in Trung Do village is associated with watercraft and wet rice cultivation.

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