Returning to the Ancient Capital to enjoy delicious Ninh Binh ant egg sticky rice

Ninh Binh is famous as a tourist land with many attractive local specialties. If Kim Son has Lai Thanh wine, Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is famous for mountain goats or Yen Mac is associated with Yen Mac’s unique spring rolls, then coming to Nho Quan, visitors can enjoy the local specialty, sticky rice with rare Nho Quan ant eggs, a unique feature. beautiful culinary culture in Ninh Binh.

Sticky rice is a popular dish with Vietnamese people, but not everyone knows about the rare and unique specialty of the Nho Quan area near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. With jagged limestone terrain, Nho Quan often has many types of brown ants nesting on the treetops, in some places called asphyxiating ants, curved ants can give fatty and protein-rich eggs. People have cleverly used this ingredient to create sticky rice with ant eggs that is both delicious and nutritious. At the same time, this is also a precious dish because ant eggs are only seasonal, starting around the full moon of the second lunar month, besides the process of finding, taking and processing ant eggs is not simple.

Usually, people here go to beat ant eggs on sunny days. Carrying tools include a machete, basket, sieve, fishing rod. The selected ant nests are nests with closed, smooth, round faces because they will give many eggs, and those nests that are porous, if the outside is not smooth, the intestines are flat. First, people use a fishing rod to throw down the anthill, discharging the ant nest into pieces and placing it in a sieve. Then, use the knife to knock the sieve to make the ant eggs and the mother fall into the basket.

When the ant eggs are brought home, remove all the mother ants, use a pot of warm water to treat the ant eggs, then drain the water and take away the grease to make it smell delicious. The sticky rice dish with ant eggs is especially delicious in that the ant eggs, after being fried, are carefully wrapped in dried banana leaves to marinate and then heated over the fire. Sticky rice is also very elaborately cooked from round grains of glutinous rice, evenly distributed on the ground, until the sticky rice is cooked with the aroma of delicious glutinous rice, it is brought out to sprinkle ant eggs, stir well to make the sticky rice and sticky rice. ant eggs are mixed together. When eating, diners can clearly feel the greasy taste of ant eggs with the aroma of sticky rice, a slight smell of fried onion fat, and banana leaves. Not only that, when chewing slowly, diners can listen to the sound of eggs crackling in their mouths.

However, this sticky rice dish is not available but also depends on the breeding season of brown ants. Nho Quan ant’s egg sticky rice is only seasonal, it is on the full moon of the second lunar month every year, at this time brown ants proliferate and also in the tourist festival season. So, if you want to enjoy this rare Nho Quan product once near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. This delicious and nutritious specialty will surely make visitors satisfied, eat once but remember forever.

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