Remember the old Tho Ha village’s wrestling festival

The Tho Ha ancient village Wrestling Festival is held every year on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. From early in the morning, after the elders finished the communal house ceremony, the battle drums began to rise to call the crowd to gather. On the grass in front of the communal house yard next to the ancient banyan tree, each pair of wrestlers danced to greet the villagers right in the middle of the crowd carrying the ceremony. Before entering the fight, the wrestler also “cars radio” or “dances cranes”. This is a form of body warm-up that creates a joyful atmosphere in the style of performing arts.

“Xe Đai” also creates an atmosphere to overwhelm the opponent or show off his short forte with unique martial arts pieces. The “Xe Đai” also carries a ancestor worship ritual that includes the following operations: three steps up, three steps down, three steps in, three steps out… rhythmically to the beat of the drum and abstain from turning your back to the door of the communal house. . Because this is also a tribute to heaven and earth and the ancestors in the communal house. Then move on to the flexible “crane dance”. The more skillful the dance, the more people come to see it. According to the drum mark of the elder in charge, the young wrestlers in the Tho Ha ancient village danced and played, then entered the wrestling “cleaning up the yard”.

The two wrestlers clung to each other’s necks, struggling to move forward and backward to the cheers of the audience and then suddenly showed their tricks and strength and applied each appropriate piece of advice such as: Goosebumps, goosebumps, armpit ribs, ribs. hand crank, draw one, double pick, high trough, low trough, dredge, crawl, new ox… perform every piece to overwhelm the opponent. Although it is just a “cleaning” object, it is also quite thrilling and attractive. Where the two wrestlers push each other, the crowd expands, sometimes shrinks, sometimes expands in the cheers and the beat of the drums. The road is tight, climbing up the whole ancient banyan tree. When the friendly wrestling ended in the Tho Ha ancient village, the circle of the yard was also formed and the wrestling started. Famous wrestlers give way to the communal house to receive red loincloths and scarves to hold the prize and challenge in front of the people.

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