Remember the old bamboo range

Bamboo is the barricade to protect the village. From the time of reclamation, our forefathers used bamboo to fight wild animals. During the anti-French period, our people used bamboo as a weapon to fight the enemy. Bamboo is also used to build houses, catch bridges, weave baskets, baskets, sieves and many other household items.

Many families also grow bamboo for bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are a popular dish of Vietnamese people. Talking about bamboo is talking about the soul of the countryside. Next to the green bamboo groves often loomed pagodas or thatched roofs. During their childhood in Tho Ha ancient village, every year during the summer vacation, the children often played under the shady trees or along the bamboo banks along the canals and canals to fish, catch snails or play in huts. really enjoyable. At that time, my grandmother’s hometown planted a lot of bamboo, bamboo at the top of the village, bamboo at the end of the alley, bamboo spread all over the village.

The bamboo is gentle and quiet, the bamboo sways and scatters yellow leaves whirling in the wind before falling into the pond. On full moon nights, the full moon shines down like sparkling golden silks across the shimmering and fanciful bamboo banks like the fairy gardens in Tho Ha ancient village. At that time, we were holding hands and playing in the moonlight innocently and carelessly. The quail caught, the one played hide and seek. The girls often jump rope or play cat and mouse. Every time the wind blew strongly, the bamboo leaves rustled, the bamboo trunks twisted and touched each other, sometimes they cried out like a stork, making us all startle and laugh.

The more I grow up, the more I am attached to the loving bamboo bank because the gentle bamboo shadow is like a fairy blowing in my heart cool breezes. In my memory, there is always an image of a grandmother who always stooped to sweep dry leaves rustling under the old bamboo trees in Tho Ha ancient village. I can’t forget the happy and sad memories of a teenager, friends often invite each other to shoot bullets or throw holes under the shady bamboo trees, sometimes love to play, arrive late for class, be forced to kneel by the teacher. Oh, how innocent and carefree childhood life is! Looking back now, I feel pity and regret for the wonderful years of my holy childhood

Remember in the past, my father used to go to the bamboo banks to cut trees very smoothly, cut them into pieces, split the spokes and braid for me a fishbowl, make a rat repellent or a cuckoo cage, I’m happy as if I had just received it. gifts. Now, every time I pass by the bamboo groves along the village roads, my heart is wistfully reminiscent of the sweet memories of the old days in Tho Ha ancient village. But briefly those memories have gone into the distant past…

Images of bamboo bushes, bamboo groves, pond banks, especially loose bamboo bridges are always available to me as a corner of the soul of a child far from home. Every time I have the opportunity to return to my hometown, I wander to find the old bamboo groves.

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