Remember the full moon market in July

In July, the countryside market in Tho Ha ancient village also seems to be more crowded than usual. We also imagine that the whole childhood fairy garden exists on the stalls selling everywhere in every corner of the countryside market. In the seventh lunar month, the fruit trees in the countryside begin to grow. The country fruits are rich in flavor and sometimes sell as cheap as giving. Those nostalgic gifts are filled with feelings in the memories of the expatriates. The fruits of the areca tree and the cork are golden and fragrant to let us dream of a fairy tale. The baskets of purple buffalo myrtle are juicy and tender, the bundles of pungenta and bitter gourd, the custard apples with wide eyes, the juicy pomelos and the succulent… The most special thing about the old country garden and the old country market is the guava goods. . The scent of guava compares and spreads across the countryside, awakening the whole space. Come on, the guava, the rice guava, the peach guava… just eat full but never get bored. The fragrant guava scent also attracts many birds chirping to fly back…

Vu Lan festival or Amnesty for the dead on the full moon day of the seventh month, with Tho Ha ancient village people is only one. With the gifts of the homeland, it is indispensable for the simple five-fruit tray, first to worship ancestors, then to pay respect to parents, also an opportunity for children and grandchildren to reunite in family love. In the July country market, bunches of spinach, spinach, baskets of fragrant flowers, bananas that are full of plastic, bamboo shoots that still have soil on them, bunches of shrimps, eggs or even a castrated rooster are all present. .

The countryside market in July in Tho Ha ancient village, the winds are wild and carefree blowing on the thatched roof. The country market in July wobbles away in memory. The market is still there, but the old soul has never been seen again. The rows of restaurants were replaced by a series of permanent contractor kiosks. The present folk gifts, which have become specialties, are forever lost in village life. The product is already rich in gold and low bran, if you are wondering to choose, there is a supermarket next to it. Grocery stores, dealerships, and even online markets have sprung up for busy people. Adults do not see joy, the village soul in the market soul. Children do not know the excitement when waiting for their mother to return from the market…

It’s the full moon of July again according to the cyclical rotation of the universe. Floating in the early autumn wind, we know where to look for the soul of the old country market; know where to find the soul of the old countryside market with simple gifts.

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