Remember the distant New Year

I cannot forget the first Tet away from home exactly 10 years ago. That year, Texas Tech University organized Tet for Vietnamese students at the Vietnam Center and Archive. In the bustling atmosphere of spring, dozens of Vietnamese students living in Lubbock and Vietnamese international students and their relatives had the opportunity to meet, exchange and wish each other a happy new year. Ms. Tuyet Nhung, who is studying in the first year of her PhD program in Education, touchedly shared: “This is the first time my family celebrates the Lunar New Year together half a world away from home, I feel quite excited. taste but also miss Tet in my hometown!” in Tho Ha ancient village.

Looking closely at dozens of delicious traditional Tet dishes such as banh chung, spring rolls, shrimp puffs… on display, many international students were surprised by the variety and delicious taste of the food. Vietnamese real. Every year, by the beginning of February, when they were at home preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year, the students had been going to school for more than 2 weeks. Unable to return home in Tho Ha ancient village, all Vietnamese students hugged each other and cried.

I remember on the last day of the lunar year, many Vietnamese families asked the company to take a break from work to prepare a tray of rice for their ancestors in the morning. The antique tray also has banh chung, candies, incense, and spring rolls like they usually do at home in Tho Ha ancient village. After preparing, the family went to school to ask the teacher to send their children home to welcome New Year’s Eve. Only once a year, they are “sharpened” to wear ao dai with a scarf, hold incense to pray to their ancestors, receive a new 2 USD lucky money and watch fireworks from their hometown on TV at noon… at noon. So the children enjoyed the Lunar New Year of their fatherland! After finishing work, parents rushed to take their children to school so that they could have time for afternoon classes.

Tet, for students far from home like us, more sad than happy…

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