Remember grandma’s appearance

In October, which is also the last days of autumn, I often allow myself to sit for a long time at the desk to watch the peaceful sky through the window. Then I remember grandma. I haven’t visited my grandma in a long time! For someone who is still busy with his living in a faraway place, it is not easy to visit his hometown.

I remember the summer a few years ago, when I returned to my hometown in Tho Ha ancient village, I went to visit my grandmother in the afternoon. I quietly opened the gate, the old dog seemed to remember an acquaintance, only barking for a few hours and then wagging his tail happily. I entered the yard, looked at the door ajar, so I called out: “Grandma, grandma!”. The foreign voice in the garden replied: “Who is it?”. Outside the garden groped step by step into the yard. Looking at the foreign body, why is it so cute. Suddenly, the bridge of the nose is spicy.

Sometimes I think that just recently, I was still a little girl sitting on her lap listening to her story. Then there were early autumn evenings, I curled up like a little bird under her armpit. I listened to her whisper and talk while quietly counting the ripe early summer apricots when the wind blew. The fan is waving evenly to let me sleep. The next morning, while I was still drowsy, the smell of ripe meat wafted through the room. It turned out that she got up very early, went to the garden to pick up a basket of ripe yellow market in Tho Ha ancient village

She holds a tree with ripe fruits still hanging on the branches, beautifully arranged in a basket to prepare for the early morning market. Her figure is quick and agile, walking quickly on the winding village road with two sides of the shadowy bamboo bank. I rest assured at home waiting for her to come back to pick up the crispy popcorn from the basket with the smell of ripe meat.

Surely there will be many people like me, sometimes greedily wishing to be young to live forever with their childhood. My grandmother was still there at that time. Grandma’s back is not shackled and her hair is not as white as the clouds in the sky. In her free time, Grandma still often sits and combs the hair for her little grandchildren. That day, her eyes were still very sharp. Grandma can thread needles and sew clothes for herself and for her grandchildren. On that day, Grandma could still plant and harvest all the crops regardless of summer – winter in Tho Ha ancient village

I grew up and got married. Living in the new countryside far away in the South makes me rarely have the opportunity to visit my hometown, visit my grandmother. The last time I saw my grandmother, her hair was white, and her eyes were cloudy. Through the blurred eyes, sometimes even when I look at my grandma, I don’t recognize my grandchild until I say: “I have a summer vacation, come back to visit my grandparents, grandma!” Grandmother smiled, the smile of the old man, scolded his nephew: ” your father, just go away and come back.”

I help my grandmother slowly walk up the stairs to enter the house. Her legs trembled as she groped for each step. Sitting down on a chair, Grandma put her hand lightly on the back, then laughed: “The old woman is old, there is not much left”. Old age is also when maternal health is no longer as good as before. The children and grandchildren are also full, able to take care of their grandmother, so that she can rest and enjoy her old age, but she still keeps the habit of a difficult and hard time. Grandma still wakes up early, still goes to the garden to take care of each tree stump in Tho Ha ancient village. Children and grandchildren see that there is a reminder, if they are responsible, the grandmother just laughs, using the excuse to sit forever sad, sad, go to the garden to relax.

Grandma is always around mid-afternoon, when the sun has set in the evening to go in and wait on the porch. She waits for her great-grandchildren to come home from school. They would chirpy greetings and then obediently put their arms around “yeah” when Grandpa shared some candy and cake that had been prepared in advance. Listening to them chirping and playing, Grandma squinted her eyes and smiled. A smile laden with time.

That was my grandmother a few years ago, and now she has turned into a cloud. I sit and miss my grandmother, remember my childhood. Remembering grandma’s slow, hasty steps when she heard her grandchildren return.

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