Re-enact the festival of color, the wedding of the Red Dao people

The Ceremony is usually held in November, December or January every year, because this is the idle time in Sapa Vietnam. The day to receive the ceremony is chosen very carefully, the Red Dao and Tien Dao people often perform the ceremony from the age of 12-30, sometimes to old age, while in the Dao Ao Dai people it is 11-19 years old. According to Dao beliefs, the ceremony is an obligatory custom for men. Only those who are granted form are considered mature men, if they have not been granted form, even if they live to old age, they are still considered immature. That means not being invited to participate in or decide on important affairs in the village. Those who have been granted ordination, even at a young age, are still allowed to participate in important family or community ceremonies in Sapa Vietnam. The Dao people believe that only those who have received the ceremony will have enough heart and virtue to distinguish right from wrong, to be recognized as a descendant of Ban Vuong – the ancestor of the Dao.

The ceremony has two main parts: the ceremony of passing the lamp, including the following parts: Presenting, providing lamps, lowering lamps, placing Dharma names, and crossing the bridge. Part of the Slai pipe ceremony (promotion ceremony) includes the ceremony to light the lamp, give the hat, the presentation of the Jade Emperor, the red silk ceremony, the ceremony to visit the heavenly court. The level of identity has many levels, the first level is the level of 3 lights and 36 soldiers; the second level is level 7 lights and 72 soldiers; The last step is 12 lights and 120 soldiers. Before the ceremony, the shaman, after making vows, will ask for yin and yang to the gods so that the person who is granted the certificate is officially recognized as an adult. At the end of the ceremony, the prayers for good luck for the person receiving the ordination will be written on paper, wrapped and burned after the ceremony.

At the festival, people and visitors also enjoy many cultural performances imbued with local national identity, experience the re-enactment of the traditional wedding of the Red Dao people in Sapa Vietnam. In addition, visitors can also participate in experiences with indigenous people in folk games such as: climbing fat, tug of war, pushing sticks…

The festival of the Red Dao people in Ngu Chi Son commune in Sapa Vietnam is a cultural beauty of the nation, meaningful in education about tradition, helping people to properly perceive personality, morality, and responsibility for the society. family and society. The ritual helps to preserve and promote the traditional cultural values of the Red Dao people, contributing to adorn the cultural picture of the Vietnamese ethnic community more diverse and rich.

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