Quy Nhon fish noodle soup in Vietnamese cuisine

Cha ca in Vietnamese cuisine includes steamed and fried rolls (fried rolls have 2 types: large cakes and small balls put into the broth) attractive to diners because of its “gentle”, easy-to-digest, and delicious taste. Delicious fish cakes in Vietnamese cuisine must be made from termite fish, fresh nettle fish, bottle fish, mackerel … remove the meat and grind it thoroughly to make it chewy and smooth.

Delicious fish cakes are also not fishy, ​​fragrant, spicy and sweet with the sweetness of fish… The broth of the vermicelli bowl in Vietnamese cuisine is the water cooked from the bones and head of the fish after the minced meat has been sliced. This fish water is sweet and fragrant with the taste of fish and is light on the stomach. The pot of water adds a layer of brake oil with cashews to have a beautiful color.

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